William attended what is now called College for Creative Studies in Detroit, majoring in Commercial Art Illustration and Graphic Design. The last year and a half of his four and a half years full time at CCS was paid for by the GI bill. He majored in illustration and graphic design, with an added focus on figurative sculpture. He has worked as a technical illustrator in the auto industry and an illustrator and a graphic designer in the publishing field.  
William likes working in many media. For painting in color, his work includes Alkyds (a fast drying paint compatible with oils), watercolor, and oil pastel. For drawing, he prefers charcoal pencil with white conte pencil on medium-toned gray pastel paper. He also enjoys brush - and pen and ink, especially with scratchboard. For three-dimensional work, he likes to work in Sculpey © or terra cotta clay.  

Although he was originally trained in graphic design using traditional materials, he was glad to say goodbye to rubber cement and rubylith and embrace the computer software that replaced them.

William also writes fiction, primarily genre short stories, with a couple of novels on the back burner. In 2004 he attended a six-week writers retreat in New Hampshire called Odyssey. It is a yearly event where serious writers attend to learn how to become publishable. The retreat is taught by a former editor from Doubleday-Dell with professional authors, editors and agents visit to teach one day sessions. He recommends it to anyone serious about writing.