Dragon Fight book cover design

The night was dark and dreary, Fred Shmurtz's life was dull and unexciting, but when a fire-breathing dragon decided to use his two-car garage for a nest, things got a little dicey. His vintage Edsel was chewed up - metal, rubber and plastic as well as the upolstry (not to mention scorched past showing at the annual Edsel Jamboree). Then the SPCA made a call. After much mutterings and calls to animal care centers around the world, it was discovered that no one wanted anything to do with such a decidedly dangerous creature.

Fred Shmurtz was now officially responsible for the care and upkeep of the dragon - and its hatchlings. And where was he to find brimstone in such quantities? It was all too much for a CPA who had graduated at the bottom of his class.