Room at the Top of the Castle

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James, a young refugee from a harsh and cruel medieval world finds a haven in another land, a world where things exist that he doesn't believe in - yet. One of the things he doesn't believe in is himself. Other things he doesn't believe in are Wizards, Elves, Gnomes and Dragons. Yet they do exist, and they each have their own agendas. Can James learn to deal with all the new and frightening possibilities in a land where he can not even understand the language? He is given work - at least he can use simple sign language to figure out what is expected of him; hogs have to be slopped no matter which world he finds himself in. From his small thatched room he can see the castle that thrusts so far into the sky that clouds often obscure the upper stories. Sometimes at night when it is visible, he can see strange colored lights glowing from windows in a small room at the top of the Castle.